April 06, 2017


Hello Everyone!

Yesterday was a very busy day for me, it's actually 11:30 at night on the same day as yesterday :)
my day still isn't done. I wanted to make sure to have a post ready for you so I will schedule it to post for the morning.

The topic of my post for today is Travel. Some people love to and some don't. I haven't done much of it, but I would have to say that for the places that I have been London is my favourite, then Paris and then Las Vegas. I have been as far East as Quebec in Canada, have visited some of the United States when I was a child and do remember our trip to Alaska and the Yukon quite well. I remember camping in a tent when we stayed in Dawson City and it was daylight 24 hours, the wooden sidewalks, the old buildings and stories of the Gold Rush. That was a favourite trip too, also because my grandfather had come along with us.

Anyways enough about me, what I'm sharing with you today was a gift that I made for a girlfriend of mine. She loves to travel too, and has seen much more than I have. I thought a little book for her to put some pictures in of her travels would be a nice gift.

This is what I came up with...

I found this Travel chipboard book at Michaels.

I did a lot of hodge podging. Then added some embellishments.

On the pages that were big enough to hold a picture, I put mats on them.

I tried to find papers that represented where she has been. Some of these are printed on my printer.

This is how the book looks put together finished.

This was a bit of a bigger project but so much fun to do. It's so nice to see how things turn out after so much selection and thought goes into it. 
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