March 29, 2017

It's Cake Time

Hello Everyone!

I have been using a new app called Varagesale. It is for buying and selling things within your local town or community. I started as a shopper only, now I sell and buy. Today was a buying day, I found a new set of stamps for myself, a wooden artist mannequin and a set of pastels for my daughter. All for a great deal too. I love this second hand buying, most of the time the items haven't even been used. For all of us with stocked craft rooms, we can certainly understand that. Sometimes it's nice to declutter your house and get a bit of money doing so without the hassle of a yard sale.

The card I am sharing today is another photo I found. It's a birthday card and I thought I would call it cake time.

I use to have a hard time coming up with ideas for masculine cards but find it much easier now. I like the colours on this one, and the added touch of sparkle to the candles. 

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