May 09, 2016

Fun Times and A Mass Production

I was honoured to receive a phone call from an amazing lady that I am fortunate to have in my life, and was asked if I had any Mother's Day cards to give for the Mother's Day brunch at the U of C, for the evacuees from Fort Mac. I didn't have any cards made but was definitely not passing up an opportunity to help and hopefully bring a bit of cheer to these families that have been through so much. With the help of my amazing (12 year old) daughter and her awesome bestie, we ended up making 200 cards in about 7 hours, which never would have been possible without their help. The cards were simple as that was a mass production, but it was the most inspiring card making that I have ever done. 
Here are some pics.

I created the different card fronts in photoshop then just printed off sheets of them, 4 per page. There was a lot of cutting and scoring, the girls became amazing at both.  Also I had three different verses that I printed out for the insides of the cards. Then came all the glueing and taping, both girls were such troopers with helping and near the end of it, they also became very entertaining as we had the tunes playing and were singing and dancing. It was so much fun!!

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