April 05, 2016

Owls and Ceramics

Hello Everyone!

I was telling you earlier on that I was going out for an evening to help celebrate a friend's birthday. Well we had a fantastic evening painting a ceramic of our choice at 'Colour me Mine' on 14th St.
Now as I was telling the lovely ladies the last time I had done anything with ceramics was 20 years ago........agh!! Can you believe it 20 years ago, I have lived long enough to say those words, I did something 20 years ago.....just another milestone in someone's life I guess. Okay I'm moving on from that.....we had a blast, it was so nice to sit and chat and paint, well paint and a little chat.....hehehe we were all so quiet concentrating on our painting, but so enjoyable. I believe that another night is in order :)

I absolutely love owls, now I love all animals but for some reason owls just have a way of drawing me in and grabbing my attention right now. So of course when I saw this owl I knew that I needed to bring him home with me.
Isn't he just adorable, I tried to do some shading on his belly starting with it being darker on the top and fading to lighter near the bottom, it kinda worked. I can't wait to go again and expand my horizons on painting ceramics. All of the ladies projects turned out amazing!!

 Here is my little guy with a candle lit inside.

I just love him! Okay that's it for me today, this is a busy week for me not sure that there will be much time for crafting. Until next time :0)

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