May 06, 2013

Baby Shower Gift

Hi Everyone! Well it's Monday again and back to another busy week here. This weekend is the annual Calgary Reads book sale and I am volunteering for it this year. Will be busy with that, some year end reports that need to be done, and want to get started on Teacher's appreciation gifts and a few of us are going to do something for the grade 6's this year, a graduation keepsake for the two classes.

Today I am sharing with you some cute little animals that I painted. I found these paper maché animals at Michaels. This is how they turned out.

They were so fun to paint, I used acrylic paint and then black brads for the eyes.
Oh haha, I just noticed the table cloth it must have been around halloween when I took this picture.
It was a nice surprise when I found a file of pics that I haven't posted yet.

I hope that you all have a great start to the week, I know Mondays are always hard but it's all in how we want our days to be. 'Live life, don't let it happen to you.'
Until next time :)

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