April 19, 2013

Hi Everyone! It feels so good to sleep in, even though it is only an hour longer it makes the world of difference. I'm baking some lemon poppy seed muffins right now and made some gingerbread cookies last night. Yes I could make it all from scratch but when you already have tubs of pre-made dough and batter, it sure is a lot quicker and with no mess to clean up. We had a fundraiser at our school recently and all the goods came in yesterday. The cookies are delicious and can't wait to try the muffins, the company is a local one near Calgary and the lady that ran our fundraiser at the school did a fantastic job!! Shout out to you Steph, thanks for all your hard work and to all of your helpers too :)

On another note, we have a dear friend who recently had a heart attack and she needed immediate surgery. It is such a shock when something like this happens and all you can do is hope and pray for the best. She is home now on bed rest. We went to visit her and brought her some flowers and a card that I made for her. Each day I send her my love in hopes for a speedy recovery.

Here is the card that I made for her.

Well I better run and check on my muffins. I hope that you all have a fun Friday. Until next time :)

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