April 13, 2013

It's Good to be Back

 Hello Everyone! It's good to be back blogging again, I have really missed this and all of you.
When I stopped blogging last year it was to take the time needed to get our house ready to list for selling. Once the house was listed we had 50 views in the first week, so you could say that it was pretty hectic at the time.

Hhmmm......I guess I should start the story from the beginning. My son is going to be starting junior high the next school year coming up. We have been looking to move in the area where the schools are, so that my son would be guaranteed enrolment into school. So far where we lived I was driving the kids to school at least 20 minutes one way and that was with no traffic and good driving conditions. We have been looking over the last couple of years and we never found a house that would be within walking distance from the schools. Then one night one of my girlfriends called me to let me know that her next door neighbour knocked on her door to let her know that he was going to be selling his house in case she knew of anyone interested. We jumped at the opportunity right away and took a look at the house, we fell in love with it instantly. We had a possession date of July 16th to move in and then we were looking to sell our house fast. We sold our house in June, packed up moved in for the 16th of July, cleaned up the old house and had it ready for the 30th of July.

With still a house full of boxes where we moved, we packed up our suitcases and went to Vegas for a week, one of my StepDaughters was getting married there. It was my first time, and our kids too to Vegas. It's a neat place to visit and the sites are overwhelming but I wouldn't go back in the summer, it's just too hot. When we came home we were here for maybe a week and then we were off again to Nelson, BC to visit family, we go every year it's a tradition. After a week at the lake and beautiful weather it was time to come back home to all the boxes :)

With just a the last few weeks left of summer, we did some hiking out in Canmore which is beautiful. I can't wait until we go again this summer. Lots of swimming this year too.

When summer was over that meant the kids were back in school, my daughter started taking dance lessons (ballet, tap and jazz) and she is loving it!! We are looking at getting my son into some martial arts, probably Kung Fu. I have been busy volunteering at the school, it's amazing all of the time and their own money that these teachers poor into there classes. I am glad I can help in some way, also I have been volunteering for Calgary Reads and I am lucky enough to be doing that in my kids school too. I am on the Parent Council this year as Vice Chair and also on the School Society which is the parent group that is responsible for Casino fundraising which brings in a lot of money for the school, and I am Treasurer on that. So you could say that I have been really busy this year.

I have recently renovated a room in the house for my craft room, with the help of my dear friend next door and have made a few cards so far and will be starting card classes soon. The first one will be a Mother's / Father's Day cards. I have pics of the cards that I have made and before and after pics of my room, so I will be posting them soon. It's great to be back! Until next time :)

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