April 15, 2013

Craft Room Creation, The Finished Look

Hi Everyone! I am super excited to show you today's pictures of my craft room. This is my 'me' space and I am delighted to be able to share this with all of you.

Here we are walking into my craft room, I really like how the colour scheme turned out.

 If we turn to the left we will see red curtains which covers my closet that is shelved. The is going to be my sewing table, this way I can leave my sewing machine out all the time. The cork board isn't mounted yet, I'm going to paint the frame red to match the room and also make half of this a chalkboard. I found this for $9 at a liquidation place.

 As we make our way around the room now moving to our right you will now see my drawing board. I have had a lot of back and neck pain since driving a school bus and this table inclines at a slope so it is easier for me when I am colouring and stuff. That is all of my prisma-crayons, sharpie markers and gel pens hanging above. This table also has draws on the right hand side of it and all of my sponges, Pebbles chalks, pastels and such are in there. There is also a shelf below the table and that is where all of my different papers like watercolor, acrylic, sketch and so forth are. My copic markers are beneath my table in a carry bag that I picked up from Michaels. This drawing table is also from there.

Above the drawing table I have a shelving unit that I found at IKEA, the basket containers are for it, it can hold two in each compartment but I only wanted one on the top so that I could fit some other bigger stuff underneath. Also I left enough room to store things on top if it too.

To the right of my drawing table, there are ink pads and then some glitter, fun flock, ribbon and some more fun stuff.

Underneath is my 12X12 paper storage. I keep all of my cutters with my paper.

Here is my cricut station, it's so nice being able to just leave my cricut there all of the time and the space to not have to move it around when cutting different sizes of paper. On the wall above is tiny embellishments in the left drawer container and the right one has embossing powders and tiny beads in it.

To the right of the cricut station is my desk, you can see the top of my computer in the bottom of the picture below. This is where I store all of my cricut cartridges, it is also handy for plugging my cricut in to use SCAL. The big binders are all filled with stamps, except for one material zip up it is full of cuttlebug embossing folders. The lower shelf is now home for all of my flowers and buttons right now but I will probably be doing something different with that.

And to the right some more is where most of my ribbon is, I still have a few containers full that wouldn't fit on the wall. In the built in drawers below I have wooden stamps on the left side, except for the bottom drawer (there are 4 drawers on each side) that is where the rest of my cuttlebug stuff is. And all of the drawers on the right side are full of punches (yes all 4 drawers full!)

Here is where my 8.5 X 11 paper is stored and the drawers beside the paper is adhesives, clay and molds, and wooden and chipboard embellishments.

The cd racks above are all full of stamps, mostly clear, some rubber but mostly clear.

And they stretch right across the room.

Well that is it for my tour I hope you enjoyed. Until next time :)

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