March 11, 2012

Reusing Your Cricut Mat

Hi Everyone! I am so excited that I am finally writing a post!

I have been using my cricut a lot lately and have been contemplating about buying more cutting mats. I have both sizes the 12X12 and the 12X24. I really like using my 12X12 as it is more convenient when I am only cutting on 81/2 X 11 paper, and because of that it is very well used. I find that you need more room for the bigger mats and that I also need to hang on to the mat. As I was saying that my one and only 12X12 mat is very well used and the mat is covered in paper bits. I do have a spray glue that I use on my mats when they become less tacky and it works great, but it isn't working that well on my 12X12 because of all of the paper. So I went searching for some 12X12 mats but have not found any in the stores. So today I had an epiphany and washed my mat in some soapy water. I scrubbed it with a non scratch sponge and all of the paper came off, then mat was actually tacky again. I let it dry and then I went over it with the spray glue (I better mention that the spray glue is for repositioning) and I am just letting the glue dry now.

I have a bunch of things to cut out today, so I will let you know how it worked. Look at the money we can save by washing our mats and spraying them ourselves! Anyways that is my big news for you, I am sure that some of you have figured this out for yourselves already. I just hope that my epiphany helps someone else out too. I am off to check my mats and start cutting. Happy cutting! Until next time :)

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