August 31, 2011

School Starts Tomorrow :(

Hi Everyone! Wow August has been a whirl wind for us, we came back from holidays only to be home for a few days then we took the kids to my mom's and hubby and I flew (by car) to Kelowna for the weekend to attend a wedding. We left here Friday morning, the wedding was on Saturday and then left there Sunday morning to come home. We are still a little tired from it all, and I have been busy going through all of the kids clothes getting rid of what is too small, and did all of the laundry yesterday (all the new clothes) and everything is ready for them to go to school. I am not ready for them to go back, I really enjoy them being home. Today is a special day just for my kids, there last day of summer break and it's raining outside. So they have had french toast for breakfast (one of their faves, cause I put a bit of cinnamon and icing sugar on it then cut it into strips for them) they are now playing together and no arguing *so far* so now I am going to find out what they would like to do next. I think maybe a movie will be in order today too :)

I have a ton of pictures in my camera from the weekend and some cards pictures too, but now I need to find my cord to plug my camera into my computer as my printer has gone on the fritz (I have no idea why it's still fairly new) so I am really upset about that, it happened last night. It just came up with some support number on it this morning so I am hoping that I can call HP and get this all fixed.

Off to enjoy the rest of the day with the kids. Until next time :)

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