August 11, 2011

Fun in Photoshop

Hi Everyone! My daughter also had a change of heart last night and does not want to go to camp for the rest of the week. As much as I enjoyed hearing all of her stories and how much fun she had when she was there..... I have to admit I really enjoyed not having to get up to an alarm this morning and I think the kids really enjoyed being able to sleep in too. We were all up by 8:30 am!!

Today I am sharing with you the card that I made for my Dad's birthday. This card was kept simple but I love the detail about it. My dad likes to paint and so I found some instructional painting kits for him, for painting slopes and water and forests...... I wonder if he has tried any of them yet?

Here is the card I made...
 The netting behind the picture is some tape that I found at the dollar store and thought it would be neat on a card. I found some neat buttons in my stash that I thought would go well and the picture itself is a mist from Lady Nickitta. I will provide a link with a picture of the mist a little later.

Here is a close up of the image so you can see what I did with it a little easier.
 I changed the image to a watercolour painting in photoshop added the text to the top and then printed it off on a special paper that I have that has the same texture like a canvas.

This is the mist that I got over at Lady Nickitta's blog. I watermarked the picture because I don't want anyone taking the image from my blog, I would love it if you visited her blog and searched through all of her mists and other great things that she has. She does offer everything there for Free! Here is a link to her blog for you Lady Nickitta's blog.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!! Until next time :)

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