July 12, 2011

Our Weekend Away

Hi Everyone! We went away a few days up to Edmonton and visited the famous 'West Ed' mall. We all had a blast and did lots of shopping....there were so many great sales on!

Here are a couple of pics that I just have to share with you.....

 We all fell in love with the sea lions, especially my daughter. Oh and look the sea lion is falling in love with her too :) They put on a great show and those animals have such neat personalities.

My son knows that my mom (his Nana) doesn't like snakes and the first thing he said was "I can't wait to show Nana my picture with the snake"......... oh kids.

This was the kids first time to the mall, and I can't believe all the changes since the last time I was up well I guess that was in 1992 so wow 19 years ago!! Amazing how time flies!! So if you haven't been up there in the last 6 years, the submarines are no longer running, which I just found out when we were there......one of the things I was excited about taking the kids on. Also Fantasy land is now called Galaxy land and I don't think it looks as good as it used too, but there are some neat rollercoaster rides in there....unfortunately all the really neat ones that my son wanted to go on are too extreme and he isn't quite tall enough yet. It's a good thing we are going to the Stampede this week, it'll make up for it :)
We are definitely going to plan another trip up to Edmonton, I think it will really be fun when the kids are teenagers and like shopping even more :)

Until next time :)

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