July 28, 2011

Oh What a Day!

Hi Everyone! The kids and I spent the day at the zoo yesterday with some friends and it was a lot of fun. We had really good timing and ended up being in a building every time a burst of rain would come down. Other than that the weather was perfect for a day at the zoo. When we went into the butterfly house a butterfly landed on me and stayed on me the entire time I was in there. When it was time for us to leave there, I put my finger down for the butterfly to get on it and it did, then I held it in front of my face and was talking to it and it just stayed there. This was an amazing experience for me, I eventually touched the tip of it's leg a bit with another finger and then it decided it was time to fly away.

Here is a picture that I found on the internet of the butterfly, it is called a Blue Morpho butterfly.
These butterflies are so beautiful, I am hoping that my friend who took a picture can send it to me then I'll post it here.

I am uploading some pics and spending the day in my craft room today, I know the weather is going to be beautiful today but we spent the day out yesterday and Friday & Saturday are both going to be full days out too. So hopefully I will accomplish getting some cards made. Until next time :)

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