July 15, 2011

The Last Six Pages

Hi Everyone! Sorry this post is late today but it's the first chance I've had since I have been home. Yesterday I took the kids to the Stampede, we were there at 9am and it was awesome, great parking and hardly anyone there. You see most things open at 10am. So we had a chance to walk around see the animals, visited with the Naval Search and Rescue and checked out their cool boat! Then off to visit with some soldiers and to see a tank and the kids got to sit in the cockpit of an F18...... it was pretty cool. It's a great time to do all of this because once everyone starts arriving for 10-11am there will be line ups for the rest of the day. Then the kids were nice enough to let me check out the dream home that is up for grabs this year, it's pretty nice! Next thing you new the rides were on and the kids had a blast, and we never waited in a line until the afternoon when they wanted to check out some of the bigger rides in the other midway. My Mom & Dad picked the kids up around 5pm and they went for a sleepover to Nana & Papa's house and hubby and I had some time to ourselves down on the grounds (that's terminology for being down at the Stampede). We had a few drinks, did some shopping, rides and ate some awesome Stampede food! Then about 11:15 pm we looked at each other and said what now?? and we both decided it was time to go home, we were exhausted (especially me :) ) that was A LOT of walking.

Okay time for the last six pages of the scrapbook. **If you have missed the rest of the pages you can check out the two prior posts to this one to see them.

This page is a collection of some pics I took on our "girls weekend" in Canmore.

These pictures were taken by the fabulous photographer Svetlana Yanova. When I saw the family photos that she took of my friend and her family I just knew that it had to be in this book (a reminder of what it was like to have snow) it was a neat way to kinda wrap this book up.

And then I made up some pages for Her to add her photos of her journey to Africa.

 And then for when they get to Africa.

Well that's it for the book. It was a project of love, and I enjoyed making it immensely. I really had fun sharing it with you and reminiscing, I hope that you all enjoyed it too.
Until next time :)

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