July 13, 2011

Hi Everyone! I don't have much to say today, I am super tired and my mind just doesn't want to work properly today. I am going to start sharing the gift book that I made (from my girlfriends and myself) to our friend that moved to Africa. There are quite a few pics so I am going to have to break this done in two or three posts, so be prepared.

Here we go...

This is the cover of the album, when I saw it at Walmart I thought it was perfect.

This is a poem that I found, so I created the background in photoshop then layered the poem over it.

This is another poem that I found and did the same thing here in photoshop.

This is the first family page. I did this with each of our friends, one page both sides for one family, pics on both sides and left a place for them to write their personal message to our friends that were moving. I have blurred out the personal messages on all the pages.

And this is the other side of the page. There is a lot of stamping on the pages for the background, it's a little harder to see on the computer.

Here is the second family page. I also had fun playing with punches for borders too.

And this is the second page. I also tried to stamp thoughts of encouragement and love on each of the family pages.

Okay that's it for today, I will be back tomorrow with six more pictures to share with you.
Until next time :)

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