July 06, 2011

Because I Love You...

Oh how I have missed you all!! It feels so good being able to post again (I mean finding the time). I have been crafting a bit in the last few months, but only remembered to take pictures once in a while. It seems harder to remember to take them when I am not posting all of the time.

Around 6 weeks ago some dear friends of mine moved to Kinshasa, Congo, Africa. It was a very sad time for many of us knowing how much we were (and still are) missing them. We still keep in touch and send encouragement and love constantly, because the culture shock is so huge it is something that you have no idea about until you actually go through.... I think that they are very courageous people and I respect them even more for doing this. **In case you read this Mel..... I love you and miss you and think of you everyday, and if anyone can do this, it is you and your family......"Each day is a gift and not a given right".... keep singing it girl**

Today I am sharing two books that I made for her children. I thought it would be neat for them to take something with them (and it had to be small because of limitations with the luggage, imagine moving around the world and only being able to take two hockey sized bags for each person.....that's it!) that they could share with the new friends that are going to make, about their life in Canada. So this is what I came up with...

I know how excited the kids were about going to Africa and how they were going to be able to see the different kind of animals that live there, so I found the lion and elephant shapes at Michaels, painted them and then used my crop-a-dile to punch holes in them and add eyelets to help strengthen the holes. I found the binding rings at the dollar store, and the Canadian stickers at Walmart and Scrapbooker's Paradise.

In the books, I added stickers of Canadian animals and maple leaves along with pictures of their friends that they have here (in Canada). Here is a couple more pictures...

There is a different sticker and pictures on each page.
That's it for me today, I do have more things to share with you. So I look forward to posting some more. Until next time :)

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