January 11, 2011

Help For Katie

Hi Everyone! I have something very important to share with you all and I hope that you take the time to read this.

Help For Katie

It is with a saddened heart that I am writing to ask for your help.

If ever you have drawn inspiration or ideas from my work, downloaded the many freebies that I give away I am now giving you the opportunity to give something back and do some good for a very dear family.
I would be thrilled if you would tell everyone about this fundraising be it blogs/facebook/twitter/forums or anywhere that will allow it
Katie Emmerson Renz married to Kevin with 3 beautiful boys the twins Nate & Will aged 5 and Hunter aged 10 had some news just before Christmas that has rocked their world as they know it.

Katie has been diagnosed with stage 4 Stomach Cancer and is currently undergoing her only option which is Chemotherapy.

Katie is a fellow crafter and is loved within the crafting community.you can read Katie's story on her own blog here but before you leave me I want you to see what all of the dedicated talented artists have designed for the Help for Katie cause.

Please visit Jak Heath's blog here ==>> Help for Katie <<== to see what you can receive for your donation. Remember that every little bit counts so if we all give it will add up immensely. I hope that you also join me in sending prayers and love to Katie and her family. It is in these times when we all need to come together and direct our 'attention' to those who need us. Thank you! 

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