January 31, 2011

Funny or Not??

Hi Everyone! In my post the other day I was telling you about a picture that I took that I wanted to share with you. (I just want to say that I only saw this when I was out one day, and had nothing to do with it.)
I'm not sure what to say about this!! I took this picture on the 26th of Jan.

Now I'm not sure who would do something like this, but I am pretty sure that they are definitely trying to make a point. The day I took this picture the shopping cart was on here for three days. I was out yesterday and the shopping cart was still there. I think where the van is parked that it also blocks easy access to the super mailbox there that you can see on the left side of the picture. So today would be day 8 that this has been on the van. Obviously no one is driving this vehicle, I'm surprised that the parking authority hasn't done anything about this yet. 

So I have decided to keep track of how many days this shopping cart is going to have a home on this van :)
I'll keep you updated. 

**An update on my son. He is still sick, his fever was high all weekend. I checked his throat yesterday and he had puss on his tonsils (and yes I had been keeping an eye on his throat too *just had to say that*) so I took him to the doctors as soon as they opened because I knew that he would have to be on antibiotics for this. Sure enough, we picked up his prescription right away and he started feeling better after the first dose. He still has a bit of fever and is still taking it easy, but it is sure nice to see him sitting up and actually walking around every now and then.  There is no school for my kids today, thank goodness because I don't think I would have taken them anyways with the weather being -33C this morning (and that didn't include the windchill). I'm not sure if he will be in school tomorrow or not. But on the bright side it is supposed to warm up to -9C. 

Well I'm off to attempt to make valentines. Until next time :)


Nancy said...

I'd call the police, non emergency number.... it could very well be a stolen and abandoned vehicle. Have the license number and make and model of the vehicle with you.

Allison said...

Yuck for the boy! Hope he recovers ASAP. My kids are home today too! And ha on the shopping cart!