January 11, 2011

A Few Thank Yous

Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for the last few days. The fall I had took alot more out of me then I first felt. On Sunday my right side was extremely sore, it feels all bruised but there is no bruising. Today it still does but not as bad and sitting is becoming more normal again. Also my daughter was sick over the weekend and stayed home yesterday from school with fever. I am hoping that my lack of energy is soon over as it is not very effective feeling like this.

On the bright side of things I did manage to finish up some thank you cards that I have been asked to make for a dear friend of ours. She is a senior citizen in a wheelchair and so I run errands for her once in a while and she asked me to make her a couple of thank you cards. With everything that has gone on around here lately, the week earlier (the day I was supposed to get over to her house my van wouldn't start) then her sister (another dear friend of ours) wound up in the hospital,  then the fall, the temperature here is now -27C and now my daughter being sick.....ugh!! That is all I have to say right now about all that, sorry for rambling so much, I guess I just had to get it out. Hmmm did I not start this paragraph off with the 'bright side of things'.....let's get back to that. I thought I would make her some extra cards for her to have on hand so that it isn't such a disappointment for her when I can't get over there.

With all that being said I will now show you the cards. These 4 are all using the same fantastic image called 'Hug a Cat'. It was a free download from My Grafico but I have searched for the link and it is no longer there sorry. The image is adorable though!!

Always make sure to get good usage from your digi images or stamps. Print a page of one image or stamp a page of one image, color them all different colors and then match them up later on with your papers and such. I colored these with copic markers.

I hope that you all have a good day, we are super excited because my stepdaughter and son in law are headed to Vegas and they are having to stop over here, so we are going to meet with them for a short but sweet visit!! 

Until next time :)


Allison said...

So cute! Great way to mass produce (I am addicted to digi now!).

Ila said...

All four of these cards are Super Cute and Gorgeous!!..I love the way you colored them all differently.. as well the papers and borders are lovely!!

Luciana Kajiura said...

Hello! I hope you and your daughter are better. What cool huh!
His cards were adorable! Love the stamp and the paintings. The image is beautiful, sorry I missed having the seal free.
Thanks, Luciana.