January 07, 2011

Every Negative has a Positive

Hi Everyone! Well my feet or rather foot tried to get away from me while I was going down the stairs to our basement and I fell down the flight of stairs. My poor kids were so worried and shocked I think that my daughter started to cry and they both came running to see if I was okay. I must admit the pain I felt brought tears to my eyes too. I now have a huge welt on the back of my left thigh and the bruising has begun. Just the touch of my pants on it hurts right now. So lots of ice and a bit of rest, that scare took a bit out of me. Don't get me wrong I am thankful that, that is all that happened to me. The weather is supposed to turn very cold here tomorrow, we were going to go ice skating (indoors) but I don't think I'll be able to now. So if I can find a comfortable way to sit for a while I think some crafting will be in order. Tonight I have been keeping on my feet because it hurts too much to sit down, so I finally took our Christmas trees down and have all the decorations put away! See with every negative there is always a positive! Until next time :)

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