November 04, 2010

Our Halloween

Hi Everyone!! Sorry I have not been posting more regularly, I am having a hard time finding the time.
Today I thought I would share with you a few things my family did for halloween.

My kids are always asking us to dress up with them so this year I found the capes, the horns and the mask I'm wearing (in the next picture) all at the dollar store. Hubby and my outfits were a mere $4 each.

 My daughter kept calling my 'Thingy Ma Jiggy' all night. She said I'm calling you that because I just don't know what you are dressed up as. Actually I didn't know either, it was just a costume :)
 Here are some tags that I made to add to some yummy treats I made for my kids and their friends.

 And these are the treats. I used the candy molds from Wilton's and candy melts. This mold is for adding an oreo cookie. I also made a few spooky lollipops for my kids.

The kids had a great time and they filled their bags of candy. We even had to make a pit stop back at home for them to dump them before continuing. 

That's it for me today, I am cleaning up my computer because apparently what my brother said about filling a Mac's memory is impossible, well I have accomplished the impossible. So I have been trying to get it all cleaned up so I have some more space to download :)  but it is a time consuming job and so I find a bit of time here and there. 

My daughter's birthday is coming up on the 8th and I am planning for her party. The invites are out (I'll share those with you tomorrow) now I still need to make her card, get some wrapping paper, order the cake and put together some treat bags for the kids. Uhhh... a mommies job is never done :)  but tonight I am going out with some girlfriends and I am really looking forward to it. It has been far too long.

Hope you all are having a great week, it's nearly Friday....yeah!!  Until next time :)

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