September 03, 2010


Hi Everyone!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been super busy around here. Since we have been back from holidays it has just been go, go, go. The day after we came back, I went through all of the kids clothes and got rid of everything that was too small, which was pretty much their entire wardrobes (with the exception of an item or two) I can't believe how fast they grow over the summer. My son who is turning 9 in a few days, went from a size seven in June to a size 10 now!! So they both have new clothes, got some yummy snacks and stuff for lunches (oh how I did not miss packing lunches every night), and new backpacks and lunch bags. It just never ends, I have had a call from the doctors office a few days ago with a message to go and pick up some more requisitions for more tests and the one time I was in the area, I had so much on my mind I completely forgot. So I need to try and get over there today. I am taking the kids for haircuts afterschool and my son still has a gift card for Blockbuster, so we are going to head there too and he can rent some movies for the weekend. I think we will have McDonalds for supper tonight because by the time we do all that, I really don't want to have to cook a meal.

Anyway that's my story so far. We also have a few family members that are sick right now, so we are trying to help out with them too. I am glad this is a long weekend I can't wait for tonight, I think I am going to finally make some cards. Last night I found a bit of time and actually colored an image....wooohooo!

Hope to have a card posted soon. Until next time :)

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Tami said...

Anita sorry that you had trouble on the Gingerloft site. I made a new button not sure what was wrong with the other. I'll throw in a few extras for your trouble.