September 27, 2010

Haunted Houses

Hi Everyone! Ooooh I am going to be feeling it tomorrow. I finally went back to the gym this morning after nearly a month and a half off from working out. Actually I haven't been to the gym since May (or was it April) that was when I re-injured my neck really bad so then I was just working out at home by running on the treadmill. I took a combat class this morning (my favorite!!) and I almost died (metaphorically I think) I can't believe how not working out affects your body so much, I had a hard time to breathe, I thought I tasted blood, my heart was pounding and I kept coughing. Well I am glad I made it through and I'll be back at it again just not tomorrow I already have a feeling of how my whole body is going to feel tomorrow especially my arms, those push-ups did me in.

Anyway enough chit chat about me I have a two cards that I want to share with you today. I cut these out on my cricut.
The haunted house is a card that you can cut out using the Mini Monsters cartridge on the cricut, this card is a 5 1/4" sized card. I used some distress inks on some of the pieces and I added an adorable Skelekinz from Bugaboo Stamps. You can find her here. She is the one with the balloon. I like that her hand was raised so I just cut the balloon off and now it looks like she is inviting you in. 

Here is a pic to show you how the card opens.

This card is another haunted house but the size is 3 1/4". It's a cute little mini card, so you could attach this to a treat bag or something. 
It is a lot of fun playing around with different colours to see the different kinda looks you can get.
I have more halloween fun to share with you tomorrow. Until next time :)

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Heidi Brawley said...

awe these cards are sooo cute! Great job!!
~Heidi Brawley