August 12, 2010

Copic Creation Challenge - Summer Reading

Hi Everyone!! I just love the new challenge over at the Copic Creation Challenge blog. My kids and I all love to read and you can never have enough book markers! I think the last book markers I made for the kids were for back to school last year, so they are definitely in need of some new ones. They get some throughout the school year but it's always nice to have a new one, as our's are all well used :)

I had to make one for each child so here they are...
This one is for my beautiful daughter

E00, E21, E50, E53, R20, R81, R83, BV000, V93, V95
Y00, Y21, YR20, G20, BG0000, W00, W0, W1, C00, CB

and this one for my handsome son

B04, B06, B24, R02, R20, R24, YR12, YR20, 
E71, E77, C00, C0 W0, W1, W3, CB

The images are by Elizabeth O. Dulemba, who is an amazing author and illustrator of children's books. The challenge blog has teamed up with Elizabeth for this challenge and the winner is going to win one of her awesome children's books!! I am super excited my kids and I love her work. If you have never been to Elizabeth's website you should pop by, she has a ton of stuff there, including lots of great images for free. That is where I got these ones from :) =>> Here is the link for her site<<= 

That's it for me. We are taking the kids to the 'Walking with Dinosaurs' show tonight!! We are all super excited about that too!! It's just been a super exciting day! Until next time :)

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mycardz said...

Wow! You certainly went "to town" using Elizabeth's awesome images!! And what a wonderful job you did too! I love each one! I'm so sorry my comment is late, but I did want to thank you sooooooooooo much for joining us at Copic Creations!!