July 11, 2010

What More Could a Girl Want?

Hi Everyone! I know that I am a little late today, but we had some friends over all day today and now I am excited to say that we now have central air in our house!! Woohoo!! But don't worry having my home this comfortable to live in will not deter me from going to the beach.

This card that I am sharing with you today is my reminder for it :) The image is a Lilyboo Design and I have a feeling that you will be able to find her here very soon.

Oh she is just so cute and seriously what more could a girl want ice cream and the beach....the two bestest things! I coloured her using copic markers, I printed two images out and then cut out the sandcastle on the second image and adhered it using foam tape to give it more dimension. I kept this one simple (like the best things in life) with just the two main colours, yellow and red. The checkered strip of paper was originally white and red, so I went over it with the same yellow coloured marker that I used on the image. Not only did the yellow match better it changed the red colour to match with the red already on the card. I love my copic markers :)

I am off to have my first sleep in our new air conditioned home (not the home, well you know what I mean) until next time :)

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