June 08, 2010

What I Have Been Up To

Hi Everyone! Well my morning was spent at the lab, now that they have changed it and you can book an appointment to get in that is what I am going to definitely do the next time I have to go. I was there around 9am and there was standing room only, wow I have never seen the lab so busy before.

I started on my thank you gifts for the teachers. Yesterday I figured out how to make an svg file....YEAH!!
I am super excited about this, I found some awesome children silhouettes through a vector site and now am going to cut them out on my cricut. I am still gathering some clipart and deciding on embellishments. I can't wait to start putting the albums together.

Well I am off to take the kids to school, then go to a combat class. Hopefully the rain doesn't come down too hard today. Until next time :)

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