June 08, 2010


Hi Everyone! I know that I haven't posted a card in a few days, but while the nice weather is here you really have to take advantage of it and get the yard work done :) so the gardening in the back is completely dug out now and most of the new soil is in, we need a few more bags though. The front garden is now all ready for planting! So that leaves some painting that I want to finish in the back yard before I plant the flowers & veggies and there is the red rock that is still at the side of the house that I am going to get rid off, and is there ever a lot of it. I did find some clipart to print off that I am going to use for the albums that I am making and I also made some background paper in photoshop today for it. I did make it to my workout class this morning and re-injured my neck, before the class even started so with that and then the yard work this afternoon I can barely move my head. Hopefully after a good nights rest it will feel better tomorrow. Hope that your Tuesday was eventful for you, until next time :)

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