June 06, 2010

The Last of the Weekend

Hi Everyone! I know it's late, I am actually heading off to bed. Today we spent the day doing yard work, digging new gardens and getting rid of alot of unwanted red rock that was here when we moved in (more than 5 years ago now) so it is so good to finally be getting rid of it, but are my shoulders sore there sure is alot of shovelling going on around here. At least you don't feel so bad missing out on going to the gym when you are doing such hard labour :)

I am hoping to get the rest of one garden dug tomorrow. After I drop the kids at school I need to head to the lab for a bunch of tests but then hopefully after that I will get it done. I also have all of these card ideas floating around in my brain (which makes it hard to go to sleep) when I have had no crafting time because I know that it won't stop until I start to create. I better write them down before I go to bed, maybe that will help. Well off I go, back to the grind tomorrow. Until next time :)

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