May 31, 2010


Hi Everyone! Well it was cold here all weekend but that's okay cause it made for good card making weather :) I am just glad that the snow is gone, I don't mind the rain at all especially when I know how dry it was here, we really need for everything to have a good soak. And you know who really loves the wet weather........frogs! Today the card that I am sharing with you is something that I came up with all on my own (now I am not saying that someone else hasn't thought of this yet or done it, but I haven't seen it anywhere so I did not copy this from anyone) so I was really proud of myself when this was the finished product.

This card was made entirely with punches. The mouth was first punched out using the word window punch then I cut it in half and trimmed it to make a smile. The left eye is a black brad and this is to make it a swing card (well that is what I am calling it anyway). You'll see in this next picture by what I mean.

The card swings open and the sentiment is inside the card. 

**Now this is the reason behind my inspiration for making this card.
If you head on over to Digital Delights by Louby Loo to this post you can find out all about a RAK call for Lisa Cooks Sister Jayme. Lisa Cook is on the DT over at Digital Delights by Louby Loo and her sister Jayme has terminal lung cancer, please go and read the post for all the info and for what type of card to send, you can find all the details including the address for Jayme. Jayme is a frog collector and so this is why I came up with this cute frog punch card. 

On another note I have submitted a few cards for publishing, so I hope to hear back soon xxfingers crossedxx. Hope that you all have a great Monday........until next time :)

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