April 27, 2010

Busy Busy!

Hi Everyone! It has been busy around here, lots of home renos getting done, volunteering and we had visitors last week which was the highlight!! My stepchildren from Saskatchewan came out for a visit and we all love it when they come. We are only around 8 hours apart but it seems to far. So we had a very enjoyable week, going to the zoo, Banff and lots of shopping. Also we bought the movie Avatar on blueray the day it came out.......awesome movie! This week for me has been getting back to our regularly schedule program :0) The kids are back to going to bed on time, I have started back at the gym and I will have some cards to show you tomorrow. I made these cards a few weeks ago so I am kinda looking around for my mojo in hoping that I can start creating again. Oh and I have started playing the piano again. I took some lessons a few years ago (hhhmmm when my daughter was a baby *she's 6 now) but surprisingly enough the more I play the quicker it is coming back to me.

I hope that you all are doing well and creating lots. I will find some time today to do some surfing.
Take care and until next time :)

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