March 24, 2010

Hello and a New Look

Hi Everyone! I have been taking care of a sick little girl as my daughter has been sick and home for the last two days. Today was their last day of school and she was very upset that she had to miss it. So my entire day yesterday was sitting with her as she couldn't move without becoming dizzy. Today she is (I would say) 50% better as she is actually moving around and talking today, but every once in a while her fever comes back and then she lays down again. I am just glad that she is starting to feel better.

I have been working on a few cards. I really want to finish and get the one posted that I have been working on today. It is one for the BeccaKay Design Team and the image is just so cute. I actually made my own card template shape for this one. I started working on it and then I jump onto my computer get completely distracted and then decided to change up the look of my blog. Ugh!! Well I like the new look and now I must leave my computer alone or I will never finish this

Until next time :)

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