February 14, 2010

More Valentines

Hi Everyone! Hope that you are having a sweet day. This morning I made carrot muffins (with heart printed paper liners) and some heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. I also made some strawberry topping for the pancakes. It was super yummy :) The kids loved the heart shaped pancakes and my son is soooo funny he wanted his dad to take a picture of his pancake before he ate it......he cracks me up.....lol!
So I had everyone's cards on the table this morning and my DH picked up some chocolates in heart shaped boxes for the kids, and I think they already ate them all :0) Oh and hubby had a beautiful card for me and a gift card for Michaels...woohoo!! Guess where I am off to a little later today. Okay here are the cards that I made for them.

This one is for my son:

This one for my daughter:

And this one for my hubby. I wanted something masculine for him and I had this neat vision in my head. (unfortunately the nuts didn't turn out quite the way I imagined them) but I really like the sentiment.

Hope that you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. We also have tomorrow off here because it is the 'Family Day' holiday. 
Until next time :)

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