February 08, 2010

It's Monday and back to the grind

Hi Everyone! I am back from my scrapbooking retreat weekend and it was AWESOME!!
When we left Calgary we first went to Banff and visited the hot springs. Oh it was glorious and the perfect way to relax and start the weekend off. We then had dinner in Banff and then headed to Canmore to check in. We stayed at the Georgetown Inn. This is a quaint and quiet inn in the heart of Canmore and it was the perfect place for a retreat. This inn is a nice cozy size and the rooms are quite nice. The pub is where all of the meals take place and the food is amazing!! If you like a nice quiet, relaxing weekend this is the perfect place for a retreat and they have these retreats on a regular basis.

We checked in around 7pm and got scrapping right away. I think we went till around 12:30am the first night. Saturday we started around 9:30 am and scrapped right up until 1am, breaking for lunch and dinner of course :) Then on Sunday we had breakfast, checked out of our rooms, started scrapping and went till 2:45pm (the retreat is until 3pm for those who want to stay) we then packed up the van, had some lunch, picked up a few goodies to bring home for the family and then headed for home.

I really had a great time this weekend and will definitely go again!! Oh and I just have to say the my friend Stephanie (the other mommy that I went with) did an amazing job with scrapping this weekend. She completed at least 50 pages!! Can you believe it, that is AMAZING!! I told here that she should have gotten medal for most pages :)

I didn't scrapbook this weekend, but I did make a ton of cards 48 valentines for both of my kids classes and I also did most of the work on a baby albumn that is going to be a gift for a friend of mine who just had her first! Super excited to share all of that with you. Oh it's nearly time to pick up the kids, until next time :)

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