February 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

                                        ***WARNING LONG POST AHEAD***
Hi Everyone! Well it's Monday again already, where does the weekend go. This morning on the way to school (and with it being Monday morning we just made it in the nick of time) my son said "Oh look Mom we are going to be late you might as well just turn around and go home. You know that is what Dad used to do if we were going to be late........"***my mind saying Yeah Right!*** but my daughter wasn't playing along with him and she was honest. My son even tried "Well if we go home, I promise to do all my math homework today".....sheesh how dumb does he think I am...I used to be a kid too you know....lol!!

Anyways I dropped them at school, went to workout this morning and now I just have to complain about one thing. There is a Superstore near our house and also a new LRT (this is a light rail transit, an electric run train that you can take to most main areas of the city, much faster than the bus) station. Now for a long time in Calgary, you could park your vehicle for free and take the LRT. Now for some time there is a parking fee when you take the train, and believe me the fee is nothing in comparison to actually having to drive downtown and pay. The parking prices downtown are outrageous!! Okay back to my story. Now I pulled into the Superstore parking lot at 9am and had to drive around looking for a spot because the lot was full!! And this has been getting worse everyday. At first I thought oh well I don't mind parking further away the walking does me good. And I don't mind if I'm not actually grocery shopping and having to haul all of my groceries back to my car. So for all of you people who are saving yourself your whole $2 a day (something like that) to not park at the LRT lot and using up all of the parking spots at the Superstore, the rest of us who are actually going to the store would like to say ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! You do not have the right to inconvenience others for your own selfish needs.

I did speak to the manager of the store this morning (keep note that this has been progressively getting worse for over a year now) to see if they are going to do anything about it, and he said that their are still looking into it. Well maybe it's time for all of us Calgarians to take a stand, maybe if enough of us voice our opinions something will be done. Are you with me!?!

Okay I am done ranting now (for those of you who have decided to stay with me). I have made a few cards over the weekend and I did take some pics. I just haven't had the chance to upload them yet. I am hoping to get that done later today. Hope that you all are having a great day!!
Until next time :)

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