February 15, 2010

Card for Delia

Hi Everyone! This card that I am sharing with you today was made for a little girl named Delia. A request was made to Dustin Pike for cards to be sent to her as she is 10 years old and going through her second round of chemo. You can read more about this here. For those of you who aren't sure who Dustin Pike is, he is an amazing artist and now also is a stamp designer for High Hopes Stamps. You can see all of Dustin's work at his blog. Apparently Delia loves owls and so Dustin is offering a freebie of three adorable owls at his blog for you to make a card for Delia. The address for her is also in the post. I encourage all of you to head on over and read about Delia and please send her a card. Can you imagine all of the love this child is going to feel when these cards start rolling in.

Here is my card:

Until next time :)

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