February 12, 2010

Candy Treat Bags

Hi Everyone! Today I am going to show you how I turned all of the Valentines into some candy treat bags.

When I made the valentines. I scored the cards using my Scor-pal and there are three scors at the bottom of the card. First I scored at the 4" mark and then on the line directly to the left and the again on the line directly to the right. First fold the card in half (on the 4" scor line) then fold the to halves back using the other two scor lines. (So the two end folds should be opposite to the middle fold) I hope this makes sense.

Next flip your card over so that the front of the card is facing the table but closest to you.

I purchased these candy bags from Michaels, there are many different sizes to choose from. The ones I purchased are a bit wider than the cards (which are 3" wide) but I like the look of the bag sticking out from the sides a bit, it gives a fuller look.

Next I filled the bags with candy, but make sure to leave enough room so you can fold over the tops of the bag to attach them to the cards.

Now attach your candy filled bags to the card. There are many different ways you can do this, I choose to staple the bags to the back of the card. *Remember that the front of the card is closest to you*

And to finish them off I closed the card and stapled it shut (just one staple in the center, that way it won't be hard for them to open). Again there are many options that you could choose from. 

And here is a side view.

This is my first tutorial and I probably missed out on a few things. So if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, and I'll answer them to the best of my abilities :0)

Until next time :) 

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