January 29, 2010

New Copic Storage

Hi Everyone! First I want to say thank you to Shelley for the tip about Papertrey Ink's 'white and vintage cream' ink. I am definitely going to have to try!

Onto my topic for today. A New Copic Storage system!!
A HUGE WOOOHOOO  and  THANKS is going out to my friend Merlie!! Merlie is a creative genius when it comes to organizing!! I mean it, this woman can organize anything!!

So here is the link for her post on her copic storage. And I just had to make own. Now mine isn't as ideal as Merlie's, hers has a zipper to close the lid!! But I did find a good storage box with a lid and it's the right size for the markers. I was in a rush to do this cause I am headed out next weekend for a scrapbooking retreat and I really wanted a way to bring my markers with me.

Here are the pics of my storage.

and this last picture is of the inside of the lid. I hot glued a page protector and then inserted my Copic Marker color chart. Whenever I purchase new markers, I check them off on my list. Also I blanked out my name and phone number. My husband kinda chuckled when he saw my 'If found then please call' sticker and said 'Do you really think they would return it?' Well I'm just hoping to never lose it :)
So Merlie 'Thanks Again!!' for sharing, this was another one of your Brilliant Ideas!!

Until next time :)

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Merlie said...

Very Nice!! I have to agree with the hubby on that one...