January 26, 2010

My New Favorite Toy!

Hi Everyone! Last night I was sooooo tired, I feel asleep watching House. So I then made the kids lunches and went to bed. Today I am not so tired but I have this beginning of a headache since I woke up this morning and it just does not want to go away. So I am going to make this a quick post because it is not helping looking at the computer screen.

This is my newest toy and I LOVE IT!!!

I have been having a hard time with tape guns and whatnot lately and have spent quite a few dollars in some different ones. Finally I found a company here in Canada that sells this tape dispenser and the refills to go with it. The company is 'ULINE' and they are in Toronto. I believe that this is a must have :D

Well it's almost time to pick up my kiddies. Until next time :)


Merlie said...

"LOL" It took you long enough to get it!! I don't even use mine... I love the TOMBO too much. I might have to use it preety soon, I can't find Tombo anywhere!!!!!

Nancy said...

I LOVE my tape gun! I got mine (and get my tape) from http://www.nhsmediastore.com/