December 11, 2009

*Snow Angels**

Hi Everyone! Well it snowed here again and yesterday it took me nearly two hours just to drive my kids to school and for me to come home in the morning. Not fun! On the brighter side the cold has subsided to -9C today so it did may the day easier for being out. I am glad that today is Friday!! The kids and I are looking forward to spending the weekend at home, I hear that they are calling for a high of -28C on Sunday......brrrrrrr!! Definitely a fire and some hot cocoa that day.

Well one thing about having alot of snow is that it is a lot of fun for the kids to play in and for some reason they just don't seem to feel the cold the way us adults you remember those days?!?
Hehehe.......... anywho when I saw this Lily & Billy stamp it reminded me of my two last weekend playing out in the snow even though it was -20C, crazy kids but they are my angels and they love to make them.

This image is by Pink Cat Studio and it is from the 'Lily & Billy Winter Stamps' set. I colored the image with copics, added fun flock to Lily's coat and then some glitter glue to make those angels sparkle :)
Again I stuck with the purple and blue theme, it makes for a neat colored Christmas card.

Well our house is nearly all painted, just need to put on a second coat on a few more walls. Then the new baseboards, light switches & plugs, and going to find some new light fixtures. I am super excited for this to be done. Unfortunately I am still not done my cards and I really need to kick it into high gear now, cause I need to get them out this week.

Since I have a lot to do, I will have my next post on Monday and take the weekend off.......well not really just off from posting. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, and try to keep warm out there.

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Patricia said...

Hi Anita! Love your designs :D You're very artistic and creative, and it's awesome that you found an outlet for your creativity, a hobby that you love, and a blog to share your creations with the world. Happy new year!