November 04, 2009

What I have been up to

Hi Everyone! So sorry that I have MIA for so long. My kids and I have been sick since Friday. My son has   gone back to school today but my daughter is still home, and she is still is rougher shape than me. Today I am actually feeling a lot better and will probably spending some time in my craft room.

This weekend is my daughters 6th birthday and the way things are looking right now, we will probably have to postpone her party until next weekend :( I explained it to her this morning and she understood and was fine with it. Unfortunately she has had much experience with being sick on 'special' days lately. You might remember that Christmas day last year she just started to open her gifts then the 24 hour flu hit her. The poor sweetie didn't want to open the rest of her gifts for nearly a week later in fear that she would get sick again. Then on Halloween she wasn't feeling well at all but she was so determined to go trick or treating. I think she made it half way around the block and then was ready to come home. Now I just pray that she is not sick for her birthday then we can at least have a family party this weekend and then have her friends over next week.

Gonna get going and check on her now. Hope that you are all doing well and fighting the fight against all of the awful (flu & cold) bugs that are making their rounds right now.
Until next time :)

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Judith said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell and glad to hear you are on the mend. I hope that your daughter gets better soon and is well enough to enjoy her birthday. x