September 10, 2009

Some Major Venting!

I have had my cricut expressions for a little over a year now. I have spent well over $1,000 in all of my cricut products and the other day after buying 3 more new cartridges, I plugged in my cricut and pushed the power button and the machine will not turn on. There is power because the green light on the box on the cord is lit but no power at all on my machine. I called cricut and they said that I am past my 1 year warranty so there is nothing that they can do for me and my only option is to buy a refurbished cricut for $200. I am OUTRAGED by this and do not think it is fair, I would pay for a repair if I could send it in, but they said no. I am so mad with ProvoCraft right now I just want to scream (I didn't scream but I did cry). I am sure that if Cricut took my old machine and sold me a refurbished one that they are just going to do the same with mine. Sell it to someone else refurbished. Why can't they just tell me how to fix it!! I am now just hoping that by some miracle somebody out there knows how to fix the problem.

Okay that's it for me today. I am still so mad I don't even know if I can stamp today. My machine is in my room and everytime I look at it I just want to start crying all over again.


Taylor said...

What a bummer!! I hope you get some resolution!

Allison said...

Oh, that would have me PO'd too (esp. given how much they cost). If I am out on the blogs and see something, I will let you know!

Merlie said...

Oh that Sucks! I hope you get it going again.