August 26, 2009

Some Engagement photos

Hi Everyone!
I have still been playing around with Photoshop. I am taking a 'Brush Abilities' class by Jessica Sprague and she is AmAZinG!! This class actually started on the 3rd of August and it ran for two weeks, but with going away and everything else I have run behind. I have only finished my 5th lesson and I have already learned so much. Thank You Jessica for being such a wonderful teacher!

I have told you that my stepdaughter is getting married in the beginning of September, and a few weeks ago now they had gone and had some engagement photos done. Well I have started a little something for her with those photos and I wanted to show you what I have done so far.

That's it for me today.
Until next time :)


Evan and Mel said...

I saw your blog through your facebook page, HeeHee.

If you want to work on photo shop I can send you a bunch of risky professional photos I had taken of me and you can play around with them if you want.
Some has been touched up but I would send you the ones that haven't been touched.
Let me know.

Allison said...

Sweetness...I love this idea. Now I just need to get my "Photoshop on" time!

Merlie said...

Good for you! maybe when you become a pro... you can teach me a thing or two. Only 2 more days before the BIG day! love to hear the outcome of it.

Anki said...

Hej Anita! So glad to hear from you again. Love the photos - wonderful! You had a question regarding my roses. Well - it's Prima roses and you can find information about them here:

They have a store locator - so I hope you will find a store close to you that carries them. Kram - Anki