March 29, 2017

It's Cake Time

Hello Everyone!

I have been using a new app called Varagesale. It is for buying and selling things within your local town or community. I started as a shopper only, now I sell and buy. Today was a buying day, I found a new set of stamps for myself, a wooden artist mannequin and a set of pastels for my daughter. All for a great deal too. I love this second hand buying, most of the time the items haven't even been used. For all of us with stocked craft rooms, we can certainly understand that. Sometimes it's nice to declutter your house and get a bit of money doing so without the hassle of a yard sale.

The card I am sharing today is another photo I found. It's a birthday card and I thought I would call it cake time.

I use to have a hard time coming up with ideas for masculine cards but find it much easier now. I like the colours on this one, and the added touch of sparkle to the candles. 

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March 28, 2017

It's Spiderman!

Hello Everyone!

See that, I make no promises of how often I am going to post and I am already on a roll, haha two days in a row.

I absolutely love card making, but one of the most difficult things for me is that I just can't sit down and make a bunch of cards. I always need a picture in my mind first of what I am going to make. Usually when it is for someone that I know, because of knowing their likes and so forth I have an easier time to make them something. The most frustrating thing I used to do to myself was that if it didn't come out exactly as I pictured it, I would always and I mean always beat myself up over it.
I am still working on this disappointing myself habit, I know it's not good for me. I do find that I am more happy about my finished projects now then I used to be and I keep telling myself that instead of changing what I have created, I just need to make a new one with the newest ideas in my mind for another time. I hope that I am explaining myself in a way that is being understood. Sometimes I don't even understand myself :)

Without further delay I would like to introduce to you...........


I love this card!! The background is different strips of cardstock that I cut because I didn't have any paper with those colours or pattern. I gave this to my girlfriend's son for his birthday, he was crazy about spiderman at the time. I think it's always okay to be crazy for spiderman *wink*

March 27, 2017

Welcome Baby Easel Card

Hello Everyone!

It has almost been a year since I have posted on here. I am not making any legions to how often I will be on here because each time I do, I never succeed. I will say that I still love making cards and crafting, reading has always been a passion of mine and lately I have been expanding my horizons with the types of books of choice, and have been dabbling in a bit of writing. Oh also I have been relishing in the joys of becoming the parent of two teenagers :) My how time flies.

I have been going through a ton of photographs in my computer lately and have found so many cards and such that I haven't shared with you yet. I am so excited to do so, and I am still crafting when I get the time.  This card that I am sharing with you today was one I made for family friends and the birth of their daughter.

These are the colours that were picked for her room, I also took on the challenge of knitting a pink and purple baby blanket. That was my first time knitting something that big, and it was for me I'm just used to knitting scarves. I just love how this card turned out, easel cards make beautiful displays.

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May 09, 2016

Fun Times and A Mass Production

I was honoured to receive a phone call from an amazing lady that I am fortunate to have in my life, and was asked if I had any Mother's Day cards to give for the Mother's Day brunch at the U of C, for the evacuees from Fort Mac. I didn't have any cards made but was definitely not passing up an opportunity to help and hopefully bring a bit of cheer to these families that have been through so much. With the help of my amazing (12 year old) daughter and her awesome bestie, we ended up making 200 cards in about 7 hours, which never would have been possible without their help. The cards were simple as that was a mass production, but it was the most inspiring card making that I have ever done. 
Here are some pics.

I created the different card fronts in photoshop then just printed off sheets of them, 4 per page. There was a lot of cutting and scoring, the girls became amazing at both.  Also I had three different verses that I printed out for the insides of the cards. Then came all the glueing and taping, both girls were such troopers with helping and near the end of it, they also became very entertaining as we had the tunes playing and were singing and dancing. It was so much fun!!

April 06, 2016

Birthdays and Cake

Hello Everyone!

Cake is a symbol of celebrating and usually birthdays, it's fun to eat something yummy after making a wish and blowing out the candles. A card is also fun to give for birthdays, and creating a different shaped card makes it all the more special.

I love using my cutting machine (silhouette cameo) and am grateful for all of the wonderful companies like My Scrap Chick for creating fabulous svg files. This easel cake card is one of theirs.

I used Ranger distress inks, glitter glue, and some printed paper by K&Company the 'Berry Sweet' collection and some glossy accents to the candles to give them a waxy effect. I hope that you are having a great week, until next time :0)

April 05, 2016

Owls and Ceramics

Hello Everyone!

I was telling you earlier on that I was going out for an evening to help celebrate a friend's birthday. Well we had a fantastic evening painting a ceramic of our choice at 'Colour me Mine' on 14th St.
Now as I was telling the lovely ladies the last time I had done anything with ceramics was 20 years ago........agh!! Can you believe it 20 years ago, I have lived long enough to say those words, I did something 20 years ago.....just another milestone in someone's life I guess. Okay I'm moving on from that.....we had a blast, it was so nice to sit and chat and paint, well paint and a little chat.....hehehe we were all so quiet concentrating on our painting, but so enjoyable. I believe that another night is in order :)

I absolutely love owls, now I love all animals but for some reason owls just have a way of drawing me in and grabbing my attention right now. So of course when I saw this owl I knew that I needed to bring him home with me.
Isn't he just adorable, I tried to do some shading on his belly starting with it being darker on the top and fading to lighter near the bottom, it kinda worked. I can't wait to go again and expand my horizons on painting ceramics. All of the ladies projects turned out amazing!!

 Here is my little guy with a candle lit inside.

I just love him! Okay that's it for me today, this is a busy week for me not sure that there will be much time for crafting. Until next time :0)

April 04, 2016

My First TriShutter Card

Hello Everyone!

I have finally uploaded some pictures for the blog, I can't believe that 24 hours in a day is just not enough, oh yeah minus the 8 hours that we are supposed to be getting each night for sleep (I think I get about 6hrs) it is definitely not enough time in a day to accomplish everything that I would like to do. I have been teaching myself to do so much housework in a day, one job whether it be dusting and vacuuming, bathrooms, etc., not doing everything in the same day then to take time doing something else, like reading, knitting, crafting. It doesn't always work out that way as jobs that I haven't planned just seem to pop up and end up taking up the free time that I had planned for myself, I'm sure you know how that is.

I am so excited to share my first trishutter card with you, I absolutely love it and will be definitely making more of these in the near future (hopefully). I love personalizing stuff for people, this is why it is hard for me to pre make anything, I need to know who it is for and for what event. This card was for my daughter's and my dance teacher for her birthday.

The images of the ladies are from a stamp set by Graphic 45 and the 'jolly good time' sentiment is from a set by Urban Stamps. The yellow paper with the happy birthday on it was designed by me in photoshop, also the green background paper is something that I created using a template from PixelScrapper, the 'Sparkle' sentiment in the middle of the card is also from there. The butterfly paper and the butterflies that I cut out are from LilacGarden and of course when you are speaking of sparkle you must add some sparkle, and remember to leave a little everywhere you go :)

Until next time :0)